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Specific defect report

Choose our Specific Defect Report where you need a surveyor to visit your property to provide an expert opinion on a specific issue or area. As RICS Chartered Surveyors, we are recognised by major financial and insurance institutions. 

The Specific Structural Inspection will focus on a particular problem with the properties structure or condition. The report will go into similar detail as an RICS Building Survey, but will restrict observations to the particular area of concern. 

The specific inspection will give you in-depth information on the defect, diagnosing the issue, identifying the cause/s and outlining repair options.


Our Specific Structural Report covers a range of defects, including: 

  • Wall or ceiling cracks

  • Masonry cracking

  • Floor defects 

  • Planned removal of walls/supporting structures 

  • Roof and chimney defects 

  • Penetrating or Rising Damp 

  • Timber decay, wet/dry rot or infestation/woodworm 

  • Steel beam corrosion 

  • Non-standard construction survey


Your professional Chartered Surveyor will provide a detailed report including: 

  • A detailed description of the defect found during our inspection, along with any other observations local to the defect in question which may be a contributing factor. 

  • Providing an professional opinion of the cause of the defect based on the evidence found during our inspection, using our experience and expertise. 

  • Recommendations for repairs and remedial works including cost estimates

  • Recommendations for further investigations, where necessary


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