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RICS Homebuyers Survey (Level 2) 

A survey for conventional properties in reasonable condition. This concise report gives an overall opinion of the property concise, detailing any significant problems that could make a difference to the value of the property. This report also features a market valuation and reinstatement cost.

The RICS Homebuyers Survey (Level 2) is a common choice for many of our Clients who would like to understand the general overall condition of the property they are purchasing in order to make an informed decision as to whether to proceed with the purchase or whether a re-negotiated offer is suitable based on the findings as outlined in your report.


The survey consists of a visual inspection of the property including concealed areas such as accessible roof spaces and basements. The report focuses on any obvious defects in the main building its services and grounds that may require varying degrees of attention, which could result in a future cost to you. Our findings are documented in your report and presented using a clear and easy to read ‘traffic light’ condition rating helping you understand the importance of each rating given . 


The report provides a summary of the risks to the building, people, and grounds. We also provide general commentary, based on our inspection, of any obvious legal issues following that your legal advisor should investigate and advise further.


Where we are unable to reach a conclusion with reasonable confidence about any aspect of the property, a recommendation for further investigation will be made. Where this is proposed, we will assist you in selecting an appropriately qualified specialist.


A Level 2 survey is appropriate for modern homes of a conventional construction which are in a reasonable state of repair and which have not been significantly altered.

Property Valuation

In addition to the physical inspection, the survey also contains a professional opinion on issues that may affect the re-sale value of the property, together with a market valuation and an individual buildings insurance re-instatement cost (if instructed).

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More about the RICS Homebuyers Level 2 Report

House to Home Surveys pride themselves on jargon-free and easy to understand reports which use an industry best practice format, including the RICS standard reporting traffic light system allowing our clients to clearly understand the condition of the property and areas where attention is needed. 

Report Format Sections

A.   Introduction to the report
B.   About the inspection
C.   Summary of the condition ratings
D.   About the property
E.   Outside of the property
F.    Inside of the property
G.   Services
H.   Grounds (including shared areas for flats)
I.     Issues for your legal advisers
J.    Risks
K.   Valuation (optional)
L.    Surveyor’s declaration
M.   What to do now
N.   Description of the HomeBuyer Service
O.   House diagram

Condition Rating Levels

The Surveyor gives condition ratings to the main parts (or ‘elements’) of the main building, garage, and some outside elements. The condition ratings are described as follows.


Condition rating 1/ Green: No action required

Condition rating 2/ Amber: Defects requiring attention and repair but not urgent

Condition rating 3/ Red: Serious defects requiring urgent attention and repair

Whats included?

  • A visual inspection of the building elements inside and out and top to bottom including roofs, walls, windows/doors ceilings and floors

  • Visual appraisal of services including gas/oil heating, electricity, water and drainage with recommendations for further tests where necessary

  • Assessing the main buildings overall condition and state of repair

  • Highlights major faults and defects advising on possible implications

  • Advises on recommendations for further action or repair

  • Where applicable, observation about planning and building control, disputes and other legal matters, for further investigation by your legal advisor.

Starting from £400.00  

Your local RICS Chartered Surveyor is highly experienced and knowledgeable, and usually available to carry out reports within a week of instruction. You can also request a call from the surveyor on the day of the visit for a rundown of significant findings.

Just provide us with the property details by clicking the tab below and we will arrange the rest for you. If there is an estate agent involved, we will arrange access with them directly.

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